Wat anderen zeggen over Janneke Maas


Janneke is een gedreven people leader met oog voor haar team, de klanten en eindgebruikers. Janneke combineert haar FM expertise en creativiteit om problemen te analyseren en op te lossen.

Ze is zeer vlot in de samenwerking met haar klanten en collegas en haar eindeloze flexibiliteit zorgt ervoor dat ze vaak gevraagd wordt voor opdrachten waar teams naar een hoger niveau gebracht moeten worden, dit zowel in Nederland als over heel Europa.

Janneke was sleutelspeler in mijn team gedurende de voorbije jaren.

Nick Haemhouts – EMEA IFM Director General Electric


“I have worked with Janneke on several international projects in France, Germany, Hungary and Sweden over the last years. Janneke brings great experience and latest state of the art knowhow in a broad spectrum of Facility Management.

Specialized in Transition and Mobilization projects for new sites, improving the service delivery on existing sites or managing teams to improve their skills. She develops a clear and robust process and organizational structure which supports SLA driven targets.

Janneke’ s capabilities are very outcome driven with a proven record of successful implementation and execution while maintaining the highest level of user experience.

I used to call her a fire fighter, because I knew she would solve short term issues that we were facing – and she did. A great asset to the team and I wish her all the best in her future, building her own company.

If anyone wants to talk to me as her reference, please do not hesitate to contact me.” https://www.linkedin.com/in/andreas-rohregger-2098b110/

Andreas Rohregger – Head of Global Properties General Electric-Additive


Joerg Franke – IFM Operation Director CBRE GWS


Few people are fortunate enough to have the chance to work with such a knowledgeable and professional FM as Janneke Maas. I met Janneke while working for an international company in Hungary. I received great templates, and ideas for managing a new team, and her ability to color outside of the box gave me great insights of how to implement changes that would positively affect my client.

I was constantly impressed by her exceptional people skills, and open/honest reflections on the issues I needed help to change.

In my career which spans the globe, I do not recall working with someone who produced results and new ideas quite as effortlessly as Janneke Maas. Her Facility Management expertise matched with her ability to drive the ideas to the client are a perfect match for anyone to add more value and success to their business

Lyn Estka – IFM Cluster Lead Hungary, Romania & Nordics – CBRE GWS


Janneke is a great mentor, leader & influencer. Over all the years working for and with her I recieved a lot of insights about facilities and project managment by having productive conversations and sucessfull project deliveribales. She is well strucutred, on the spot and develops innovative approachs to deliver a customer focused Facility Managment with the teams she is working with.

Her skill set alligned with the passion for the Facility Managment business gave me the enviroment for growth in my career.

Daniels Kajems – Cluster Lead DACH region – CBRE GWS


Passionate about Facility Management & client oriented. Janneke Maas will bring innovative solutions and strong processes to create real added value to your Facility Management organisation.

Laetitia Allard – Sourcing Manager EMEA – CBRE GWS


Janneke is the type of person who pushes others to surpass themselves and seek alternative solutions.

She likes to develop in each of us our reasoning ability and makes us evolve naturally, both professionally and personally.

Her long experience in Facilities and her gift for teaching makes her an excellent manager and trainer, the best I’ve had! I can only thank her for her unfailing involvement.

Ana Dos Santos – Facility Coordinator Boulonge Billancourt– CBRE GWS


Janneke is a passionate women who will always find the way to provide a solution and make it easily and quickly implemented. She is a volunteer lady with a big capacity to adapt to any environment.

She is very well organized with a structural efficiency and she has usually the right solution at the right moment

All those strengths have made Janneke a colleague that we always called and asked for help. And she has been managing and solving problems, findings solutions whatever the difficulties and wherever in Europe

Sheila Grandval – Security Manager France – CBRE GWS


Janneke is real coach and mentor. I was very lucky to work with her. I have learnt a lot in FM and in work organization globally.

She is always innovating to improve performance in Facility management. She is strong at finding new process or organization to solve operational issues, in team management, time management and contractor management.

This is, for a company, a real plus-value to have her, if the aim is to get more performant in Facility management and to grow rapidly.

I will never thank you enough for all what you transmitted me.

I encourage all companies to contract with Janneke to get the best diagnostic, analysis and solutions in Facility management.

Peggy Philibert – Facility Manager Paris – CBRE GWS


It was a great pleasure and journey to work with such a great leader and friend like Janneke Maas.

During her Leadership I started to think about my job and my personality from different perspectives, which helped me to grow. Janneke taught, how to structure my day, how to face with real challenges by staying focused, how to think in details, how to delegate and how to manage others.

I always admired her “Client First” approach, her positive energy, openness and honesty what Janneke stands for. It made the difference for me and it has had a huge impact on my professional and personal life as well.

Without being exhaustive I would like to thank for Janneke the last years and I hope this was not the last time when our roads crossed, I enjoyed very much the time we spent together.

Gabor Sjuzo – Operations Manager Budapest – CBRE GWS